BATTLE FOR KAMYSHOVO project (DayZ server)


My Dear friends, as many of have noticed – BattleForKamyshovo server is gone and with it`s Discord channel. When I saw this i got very sad. I had fun and was really enjoying playing it.

So after some while and no success finding any trace of DayZs BattleForKamyshovo project creators I have decided to recreate the project. The server creation is already in progress and will continue for at least 2-4 days (maybe more). depends how fast i can find the solution. The most biggest challenge is to remember as much details from it as possible.

The list of ToDos and whats accomplished:

  • Setup DayZ vanilla server – DONE (2021.05.12)
  • Add 2 modules (@CF and @VPPAdminTools) for better administrations of cheaters if any occur – DONE (2021.05.12)
  • Building the extra Kamyshovo houses, plane in the water, bridge to construction island, construction building, cranes, oil rigs (two), Ship wreck (Pain in the butt – It was not easy to find the place for it as server kept crashing at least 20-40 times till I got all the parts positioned in the water and aligned them), Metal barn, decoration on the road and around the area. also added some more stuff little upgrade, maybe will add more – DONE (2021.05.13)
  • Replaced the ship with new pier and buildings. Also added few tents on small island, barrels in container at the entrance from middle main pier and few barrels at the end of new pier. (2021.05.24) – DONE
  • Starting gear for players (Revolver, bullets .357 – two sets, Canned beacon (Trivia) – two sets, rags x4, combat knife) – DONE (2021.05.14)
  • Spawn points around the Kamyshovo (maybe add more in soon future) – DONE (2021.05.24)
  • Cars in Kamyshovo:
    • ADA (x2) 4×4 – DONE (2021.05.16)
    • OLGA 24 (x1) – DONE (2021.05.16)
    • add Gunter (x2) – DONE (2021.06.04) (by adding two Gunters ill remove one ADA)
    • add Sarka (x1) – DONE (2021.06.04)
    • add KillFeed to Discord channel – DONE (2021.06.04)
    • add buildings to OIL rig island – DONE (2021.06.04)
    • add decoration on pier – DONE (2021.06.04)
    • fix tents with food (remove all food that rot) – DONE (2021.06.04)
    • add more tents – DONE (2021.06.04)
    • add Hunting scopes to Sporters in Pier building – DONE (2021.06.04)
  • Spawn tents and deploy them in there places and add loot (pain in the popo!!! this one took the most time to finish – I think possible rework of few tents in future – will see on players reviews) – DONE (2021.05.24)
  • Spawn barrels and add loot – DONE (2021.05.24)
  • KillFeed – DONE (2021.05.14)
  • Export servers custom objects to add in init.c and extra scripts – In progress
  • After works:
    • Testing and clean-up everything – DONE (2021.06.04)
    • Create restart script that will refresh the map – DONE
    • Backup and Restore functions – DONE
  • Create DISCORD channel – DONE (2021.05.25)
  • Maybe donation area for moving server to cloud, not using private PC – In progress (see donation page)

If anyone is interested to help build better server and share ideas / knowledge / scripts etc. please contact me, fill out the form in CONTACTS page.


  1. Awesome job, I was very sad to lose the original as It was one of my favorites. Thank you for re-creating.

    1. Author

      Thank you! I`m really happy you are enjoying it!
      I was also sad that the old project disappeared… Ill keep up improving the map!

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